Ross Robinson

  • After years of playing in bands and working at studios, Ross Robinson used his experience to help develop a young, unsigned band called Korn. He produced and mixed their debut album, which sold over 2 million copies in the US. For a lot producers, that might be the pinnacle of their career. But three years later, Ross achieved the same success with the unsigned band, Limp Bizkit...

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  • Slipknot 'Iowa'
    Ross produced and recorded this album, which Rolling Stone deemed "One of the Greatest Metal Albums of All Time, while Kerrang and Loudwire each ranked it as "One of the Best Albums of the 2000s."
    • #1 UK Album
    • #2 AUS Album
    • #3 Billboard Top 200 US Album
    • Platinum in US, UK, CAN
    • Grammy Nominee "Best Metal Performance" ("Left Behind")
    • Grammy Nominee "Best Metal Performance" ("My Plague")
  • Korn 'Life Is Peachy'
    Ross produced, recorded and mixed this album, including the single "No Place To Hide" which earned the band a Grammy nomination for "Best Metal Performance."
    • #3 Billboard Top 200 debut
    • 2x Platinum in US
    • 1x Platinum in AUS
    • Gold in CAN
  • The Cure 'The Cure'
  • Amen
    'We Have Come for Your Parents'

    Ross produced this album. Rock Sound made it their "2nd Best Album of the Year," while Kerrange ranked it the "6th Best Album of the Year."
  • Limp Bizkit
    'Three Dollar Bill, Y'all'

    Ross produced this debut album.
    • #1 Heatseeker Album
    • 2x Platinum in US
    • Platinum in CAN
    • Gold in AUS
  • At The Drive In
    'Relationship Of Command'

    • #1 Heatseeker Album
    • Gold in UK and AUS
    • #26 Alternative Song ("One Armed Scissor")
  • Korn
    'Korn III: Remember Who You Are'

    In addition to producing this album, Ross also co-wrote on each of the songs.
    • #2 Billboard Top 200 debut
    • #1 US Rock Album
    • #1 Alternative Album
    • #1 Hard Rock Album
  • Machine Head
    'The Bleeding Red'

  • Slipknot 'Slipknot'
    Ross produced and mixed this album. Metal Hammer readers declared it "the best debut album of the last 25 years."
    • #1 Heatseeker Album
    • #1 Independent Album
    • 2x Platinum in US, CAN
    • Platinum in AUS, UK
  • Glassjaw
    'Worship and Tribute'

    This album was produced by Ross, and is recognized as one of the greatest post-hardcore albums of the 2000s by Paste, Kerrang, Alternative Press, NME and others.
  • The Used 'The Canyon'
  • Korn 'Korn'
    Ross produced, recorded and mixed this album.
    • #1 Heatseeker Album
    • 2x Platinum in US
  • Sepultura 'Roots'