Alain Johannes

  • The list of musicians that Alain Johannes has worked with reads like an encyclopedia of California rock history...

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  • The Pretty Reckless
    "The Keeper"

    Alain recorded and performed on this song from the album 'Other Worlds.'
  • Mark Lanegan
    Somebody's Knocking

    Alain produced, recorded and mixed this forthcoming album.
  • Tom Clancy's
    Ghost Recon Wildlands

    Alain wrote and produced the music for this game, and performed it along with famed musicians Joey Castillo, Nick Oliveri and Norm Block. Alain played numerous instruments to create the dynamic, atmospheric backdrop for the game.

    Watch the trailer here.
  • 'Unfinished Plan:
    The Path of Alain Johannes'

    Alain's tale is finally told in this documentary, produced and directed by Rodolfo Garate. It was unanimously awarded "Best National Documentary" at the In-Edit Nescafe Film Festival.

    Watch the trailer here.
  • PJ Harvey 'The Hope Six Demolition Project'
    Alain performed guitar, saxophone, keyboards, percussion and backing vocals on this album.
    • #1 debut on UK Albums Chart
    • "One of the 50 Best Albums of 2016" - MOJO
    • Grammy Nominee "Best Alternative Album"
  • Arctic Monkeys 'Humbug'
    Alain recorded this album, which has been certified Platinum in the UK.
    • #1 Album in UK
    • #1 Independent Album in US
    • #2 Album in AUS, FRA
    • #3 Album in JPN
    • #4 Album in GER
  • Jimmy Eat World 'Damage'
    Alain produced and recorded this album at his studio in Los Angeles.
    • #2 Top Alternative Album
    • #4 Top Rock Album
    • #14 Billboard Top 200
  • Brody Dalle 'Diploid Love'
    Alain produced, recorded and mixed Diploid Love, Brody's debut solo album. He also contributed his musical talents on guitars, bass, piano, trumpet and mellotron.
    • #7 Heatseekers Album
    • #33 UK Top 100
  • Chris Cornell "The Keeper"
    Alain co-produced, engineered and mixed this track for the motion picture 'Machine Gun Preacher.' The song was nominated for a Golden Globe for "Best Original Song in a Motion Picture" in 2011.
  • Sound City 'Real to Reel'
    Alain composed & performed several tracks from this anticipated documentary soundtrack, and was a member of the Sound City Players. The soundtrack won two Grammy Awards: Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media, and Best Rock Song.
    • #1 Billboard Soundtrack
    • #1 Top Hard Rock Album
    • #3 Album in CAN
    • #6 Album in AUS
  • Queens of the Stone Age
    'Era Vulgaris

    Alain recorded and mixed this album, which has been certified Gold in the UK and Canada. He also co-wrote the track "Make It Wit Chu," which placed on Rolling Stone's list of 100 Best Songs of 2007.
    • #4 Album in AUS
    • #5 Album in CAN, GER
    • #7 Album in UK
  • Mark Lanegan Band 'Phantom Radio'
    Alain produced, recorded and mixed this album from him studio in Los Angeles, CA.
  • Chris Cornell 'Euphoria Morning'
    Alain produced, recorded and mixed this album with his wife Natasha. The original title was to be 'Euphoria Mourning,' but a typo led to the actual title 'Euphoria Morning.' Alain also co-wrote five tracks from the album.
  • No Doubt 'Return Of Saturn'
    Alain recorded this album, which has been certified Platinum in the US and Canada, and Grammy nominated for Best Rock Album.
    • #2 Billboard Top 200 debut
    • #4 Album in CAN
  • Queens of the Stone Age
    'Lullabies To Paralyze'

    Alain co-wrote the track "In My Head" for this album. The album was certified Gold in AUS, CAN and UK, and reached #5 on the Billboard Top 200.
  • Desert Sessions 'Vol. 7-8'
  • Eagles of Death Metal
    'Peace, Love and Death Metal'

  • Mark Lanegan Band
    'Blues Funeral'

    Alain produced, recorded and mixed this album. Within the first week of its release, it had charted in six countries, including the UK, New Zealand and Sweden.
  • Queens of the Stone Age
    'Songs For The Deaf'

    Alain co-wrote the song "Hangin' Tree' from this album. He also engineered and contributed as a musician on several other tracks.
    • Gold in US
    • Platinum in AUS, CAN, NOR, UK
  • Desert Sessions 'Vol. 9-10'
  • Them Crooked Vultures
    'Them Crooked Vultures'

    In addition to engineering several tracks from this album, Alain was a touring member of the supergroup. The album debuted at #12 on the Billboard Top 200, and won a Grammy Award for Best Hard Rock Performance in 2011.
  • Mark Lanegan Band 'Bubblegum'
    Alain co-produced and mixed this album. It became Lanegan's first commercially successful album, charting in multiple countries including the UK, France, Italy, Belgium and Germany.
  • Pepper 'Pepper'
    Alain co-wrote several tracks from this album, including "Push" and "Undone."
  • Jimmy Gnecco feat. Brian May
    'Someone To Die For'

    Alain co-wrote this song, which appears on the Spider-Man 2 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.
    • #1 Top Soundtrack in US
    • #7 on Billboard Top 200
  • Adam Lambert 'Time For Miracles'
    Alain co-wrote this song with his late wife, Natasha. The song was performed by Adam Lambert for the motion picture '2012' and was also included on his album 'For Your Entertainment.' Alain has also recorded his own version of the song, performing vocals and guitars himself.
    • #3 debut on Billboard Top 200
    • Platinum in Canada
    • Gold in US

ARTIST Credits:

  • Alain Johannes 'Hum'
    • #32 Folk & Americana Album debut
    • #46 Heatseeker Album debut
    • #112 Indie Album debut
  • Alain Johannes Trio
    "Luna A Sol"

  • Alain Johannes
    'Fragments and Wholes, Vol. 1'

  • Alain Johannes 'Spark'
  • Eleven 'Howling Book'
  • Eleven 'Avantgardedog'
  • Eleven 'Thunk'
  • Eleven 'Eleven'
  • Eleven 'Awake In A Dream'
  • Walk The Moon
    'Walk The Moon'

  • What Is This 'What Is This'
    This album was the band's only LP on the MCA label. The lineup for this album featured Alain on vocals and guitar, Hillel Slovak on guitar, Todd Strassman on bass, and Jack Irons on drums. Hillel played on most of the album, leaving to rejoin Red Hot Chili Peppers for their 2nd album. Todd Rundgren re-recorded a cover version of the song "Chasing Your Ghost" for his own album in 2011.
  • What Is This 'Squeezed'
    While in high school, Alain formed this band with Jack Irons, Hillel Slovak and Todd Strassman. They were originally known as Chain Reaction, later changed to Anthem, then Anthym, and finally What Is This?. The name references the reaction they would get from listeners of their music. Flea eventually replaced Todd on bass, before being replaced himself by Chris Hutchinson.